Support Services


Support Services

Living with any on-going health condition is challenging, whether you’re newly diagnosed, ‘had it for ages’, or if someone you’re close to has been diagnosed.

Any on-going condition has its ups and downs: sometimes it’s more in the background and sometimes it’s more ‘in your face’. And often, talking to family members or friends can help you feel supported, but sometimes, the thoughts, feelings or situations you are experiencing might feel complicated, confusing and difficult to talk about.

That’s when it can feel helpful to talk to someone who has been trained to help you express and explore your thoughts and feelings from a more neutral position. It can also be hugely helpful to have practices and tips you can use on a daily basis to help calm your mind and thoughts.

Our free counselling services

Our counselling service offers FREE and confidential telephone sessions with Kym to all fully-registered patient members of ACC Support UK (aged 18 and over), including help to access face-to-face counselling in your local area if appropriate. Pre-bookable face-to-face counselling with Kym may also be available on occasional at our events.

Sometimes, just one session will be enough, and sometimes several sessions over a few weeks will be useful in helping you understand and manage difficult feelings, choices and experiences.

Kym has also produced a series of leaflets for AMEND which cover emotional wellbeing issues. You can download these to the right of this page.

Kym is also producing a series of leaflets for AMEND on emotional well-being issues – coming to this site soon

About Kym

I am a trained and experienced counsellor and psychoanalytic psychotherapist with over 15 years experience having worked in a variety of settings including the NHS, higher education and for charities. My first background is in psychology, before going on to train as a counsellor and psychotherapist. I am registered with the UKCP and now work primarily as a counselling trainer, supervisor and therapist in private practice in St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK.

Making Contact

Contact details for this service are provided on registration.



Sometimes it’s helpful to have strategies you can use to help you on a day-to-day basis when coping with conditions like ACC. To help you develop these strategies, AMEND have produced publicly available podcasts and introductory video about Mindfulness. Patients, carers and family members affected by ACC can access these via the AMEND YouTube Channel




Dealing with Diagnosis

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Living with Uncertainty

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