Support Services


Support Services

Living with any on-going health condition is challenging, whether you’re newly diagnosed, ‘had it for ages’, or if someone you’re close to has been diagnosed.

Any on-going condition has its ups and downs: sometimes it’s more in the background and sometimes it’s more ‘in your face’. And often, talking to family members or friends can help you feel supported, but sometimes, the thoughts, feelings or situations you are experiencing might feel complicated, confusing and difficult to talk about.

That’s when it can feel helpful to talk to someone who has been trained to help you express and explore your thoughts and feelings from a more neutral position. It can also be hugely helpful to have practices and tips you can use on a daily basis to help calm your mind and thoughts.

Our free Counselling Service

AMEND’s free and confidential Online and Telephone counselling service is available for all our registered patients and family members.

Our counsellors are trained and experienced practitioners registered with either the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, or the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy They also have additional training and experience in understanding and managing the impact of MEN, and associated conditions.

Our Counsellors are Kym Winter (Lead Counsellor), David Phipps and Rebecca Hargreaves.  They are often to be found providing valuable input at our Annual Patient Information Days.

Our Counselling Service is provided in partnership with rareminds CIC 


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Dealing with Diagnosis

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Living with Uncertainty

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